GCSEs make for a relatable first post, right?

This is the post excerpt.


Low-key blogging about my life whilst trying to get one. To be fair though I did spend a couple of months dealing with an existential crisis whilst trying to cram years of revision the day before the exam.

Maybe I should start this blog in a more conventional way: I’m An(dreading) results day.

Seriously I’ve had nightmares, and in those nightmares I’ve just annoyed myself for being so extra. In one of them I genuinely did nothing in an exam and when people told me I’d probably do well, I just agreed with them. Come to think of it, this is probably just me subconsciously telling myself that people think I’m smarter than I am 😅. We’ll see.

But I’m a big fan of ignoring the problem until it goes away, so naturally I just crammed the panic to the back of my mind, leaving space to cram for exams. Even now I’m ignoring the fear of results day and just like eating or something. On the bright side though, I did do some exploring this summer. I explored the number of times I ate out of boredom instead of hungriness. It wasn’t as many as I thought though, because an 11 week holiday was pretty exciting. It feels like it’s coming to an end now so not only do we get the looming results day but we get the thrilling start of school. What an outstanding double whammy.

This is the most relatable post I can attempt, and I’ll attempt again in a week forum today! See what I did there? 

My new year’s resolution is 1080p

Procrastination has left the station

How to be a better me:

• Procrastination has left the station, here comes motivation.

• Early to sleep, early to rise (or so they say) so let’s say phone off by 11

• Time to shift from a mess to an organised mess

• Actually try to normalise having three meals a day (and not just noodles for goodness sake)

• It’s time for the dreaded ROUTINE

• Just drink more water man -> bonus points if you strive for at least one fruit a day

• Communicate the things you’d usually bottle up (rumour has it, you’ll feel better)

• Mocks are just around the corner (and then the actual exams and then year 13 etc) so let’s cut the crap and do some work yeah?

• Additionally, be your best self and don’t conform to what you idealise

• You and I both know that you’re embarrassingly unfit. Do something about it, particularly bum and stomach

• Do a cheeky bit of writing at least monthly, you’ll thank yourself for it later

• Take more photos, make more memories

So this is it. A definitive list of everything I did wrong in 2017 and how to make it better. To you, it would appear that every aspect of my daily life last year was the problem. And not gonna lie, it was.

See the problem with me is I appear to be a well put together person, I like to think I dress well and I have in classes I seem like someone who has their life sorted. Realistically? My life is a shambles and clearly (see above list) I am not okay with it.

Looking back at my resolutions, I notice how well and truly poor my lifestyle was. I’m not even at university and I’m already relying on noodles. One might say I’m pasta reasoning and I’m doing it fusilli reasons.

It’s been eleven days since the new year and so far things are going okay: I go to bed slightly earlier and I’ve become slightly more organised and slightly more fit. The only issue, the biggest issue is that procrastination has well and truly planted itself in my life.

Procrastination is a beast in my life. I’ve spent more time planning my work instead of working, I’ve even opted to exercise over work and for me, that is something substantial. I think the most appropriate thing to do here would be assess the reasons that I procrastinate and try and work out the underlying problem.

The reasons that I procrastinate


Ah, I’ll figure out the problem later. Let’s hope your New Years resolutions will last longer than mine! Until next time.